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The Happiness Edit

As Richard Branson said...

This was very much at the top of the agenda at the recent Festival of Happiness organised by the Alliance of Independent Agencies - Happy Agencies are Successful agencies and Richard could have put it better himself. We wanted to share some highlights from a great and thought-provoking day:

At the heart of all great teams is trust, respect, accountability and open honest communication – without communication all is lost.

Another word that kept rearing its head was ‘consistency’ and that was identified the secret sauce to making lasting change within an agency. Wellbeing of colleagues should be woven into an agencies DNA and not something that is a short term fix then left to one side and ignored till there’s another HR crisis.

It was obvious that agencies that really signed up to making wellbeing front and centre we are seeing real benefit – both in colleague retention, recruitment but also in the bottom line too. It was all very well talking the talk, but sustainable progress comes from walking the walk too.

The fine folk at The Happiness Index brought the day to a close and brought everything into sharp business focus with some killer stats –

A thriving culture leads to tangible business benefits – enough said.

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